The Best Times to Vacation in Orlando

Best Time to Vacation in Orlando

When are the best times to vacation in Orlando? The answers to that question will be as varied as all the attractions and entertainment options available in America’s Favorite Vacation Destination. Certainly, work and school schedules play a big role in planning the perfect vacation. But certain times are better than others to visit this popular destination.

Travel January through February

If you’re looking to beat the heat, the months of January and February offer some of the most pleasant weather of the year. During the day, temperatures are typically in the mid-70s and drop into the 50s by nightfall. Be sure to pack a sweater or light jacket if you think it might get too chilly. It’s also a great time to be at the theme parks and attractions. Fewer people flock to Orlando the first few months of the year and that means your family won’t have to wait in line as long to enjoy the most popular rides. Plus, you’ll have more freedom to see the parks while exploring them at your leisure. Please be aware that theme park hours may be shortened during winter months and rides may be closed for tune-ups as well as refurbishments.

Visit in May

Spring has long since sprung and it’s not quite summer. What better time to plan a family vacation to Orlando! The weather in May is warm and sunny with lower levels of humidity. And since students are still in school, it’s a lot less crowded. However, you should avoid waiting until the end of the month to plan your vacation. The Memorial Day weekend is an extremely popular time in Orlando. Attractions and theme parks will be flooded with a dramatic increase in overall traffic.

Plan a Trip in August or September

Disney's Blizzard BeachCentral Florida is hot and humid during the summer so plan to visit a water park like Disney’s Blizzard Beach, and Aquatica,® for refreshingly good time. Planning a getaway to Orlando during these two months can be especially appealing because many families have already enjoyed their summer vacations and are preparing for the upcoming school year. Keep in mind that you’ll be here during the rainy season and afternoon showers are to be expected. Should you encounter lightning, be prepared for mandatory evacuations of all the pools and water related attractions. The parks incorporate these practices to ensure the safety of all guests.

Vacation in Early December

The first few weeks before the holidays are always great times to visit Orlando. Weather conditions are almost picture perfect and you’ll encounter fewer people inside popular theme parks like Walt Disney World®, Universal Orlando® and SeaWorld® Orlando. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of being surrounded by a wondrous array a festive decorations. The parks pull out all the stops to provide spectacular displays of holiday cheer including parades and glittering lights.

As always, the very best time to visit Orlando is when it’s most convenient for you and your family. But one thing’s for sure, an overabundance of ways to share happiness and togetherness will always be in season.

Photo Credit: gnislew via photopin cc