Best Times to Escape the Crowds in Orlando

Best Times to Escape the Crowds in Orlando

Orlando is America’s Favorite Vacation Destination. That means it’s popular!

As you might expect, that popularity leads to jam-packed attractions and world-famous theme parks teeming with families on vacation. If all that makes you feel just a bit claustrophobic, don’t despair. Orlando does slow down—and the crowds do thin out. Vacationing during the quieter months ensures you can relax, and enjoy everything this fun-filled city has to offer.

Slowing Down in Orlando

January, February, September and November are the best times for us to visit Orlando. During these months we won’t see as many people on vacation. In January, you can expect to be virtually kid free as the majority of children are back in school dreaming of their next break from the classroom. Lines will be shorter at major thrill rides (typically 15-30 minutes) and, yes, you can even find parking spaces a little closer to the entrance. As an added bonus, humidity levels are much lower in January.

February brings a dip in overall tourism as well as a pleasant dip in the weather. Look forward to temperatures in the mid 70s during the day and hanging steadily in the 50s at night. While you’re sure to beat the heat, you can’t beat the experience. Especially since February’s precipitation is always projected to be less than three inches.

Come September, the fast pace of summer vacations is beginning to fade. I like this month because fewer families are traveling. This makes everything less chaotic and easier to manage. Plus, it’s easier to save money. That’s because many attractions offer discounts and special promotions during slower periods. But beware—September temperatures will be quite hot and rainy. So dress in cool clothes, bring plenty of sunblock and pack an umbrella to stay dry.

Disney ShuttleIf you can wait until November, you might just find it the perfect month to take a vacation. The days are warm and sunny while the nights are cool and crisp. You’ll be there before the major holiday rush, but there will still be plenty to celebrate. Many of the theme parks begin to decorate early, giving you a chance to get in the spirit of the season and party at least one month earlier. Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival gets underway in the middle of November and you’re invited to sample cuisine from all over the world.

Now matter what time of year you visit, good times are always in season in Orlando.

Photo credit: Christian Lambert Photography via photopin cc