Explore Tropical Aruba on Horseback

Horseback Rides Aruba

On the beautiful northwest coast of Aruba lies Malmok Beach, with aquamarine waters that sparkle against pristine white sandy beaches. If you like horseback riding, it’s a beautiful place for an adventure!

There may be no more memorable activity in Aruba than a guided horseback ride along the island’s gorgeous Malmok Beach, just north of Oranjestad. Guests at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino who arrange for this unique activity are sure to create memories that last a lifetime.

A local company called Aruba Tours offers this exceptional activity. The horses are well cared for and will enjoy the ride as much as you do! Tour guides are friendly, knowledgeable about Aruba, and speak more than one language.
Tropical Aruba

Horseback riding across Malmok Beach

As for the scenery, Malmok Beach is one of the world’s beautiful spots, with rocky shores looking out over crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Imagine a horse ride along this postcard view; you’ll feel like you’re in an ad for Aruba. The slow pace of the horse is relaxing, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy the view.

During your ride along Malmok Beach, you’ll get the opportunity to dismount and swim in some of Aruba’s most beautiful waters. Snorkeling is huge on this tropical island, due to large concentrations of colorful tropical fish.

Your ride is not restricted to the beach, however. Your horse will also be taking you up into Aruba’s gorgeous hillside, teeming with wildlife and farm animals. During your ride, it won’t be unusual to see iguanas, goats, donkeys and wild rabbits. Tropical birds will be serenading you while you ride.
Tropical Aruba
Children under 7 must ride with an adult, and the weight limit per horse is 230 pounds. Children under 2 are discouraged, but anyone over that tender age is sure to have a memorable day. You must book 48 hours in advance, and the tour includes pick-up and drop-off at the resort. The only days that horseback tours are not available are Dec. 24, 25, 31 and Jan 1.

Private tours are available for a higher fee. Helmets are available, and each ride includes one refreshment, but it’s still a good idea to bring your own water bottle.

Here’s a packing tip:  you’ll want long pants and closed-toe shoes for the ride.  A hat to protect your face from sun and polarized glasses—they will completely change your views, enhancing them dramatically.  Most drug stores sell inexpensive polarized sunglasses (under $20).
Tropical Aruba
The tour company also advises that riders may want extra money for souvenirs and photos, indicating that a shopping opportunity awaits along the beach.

Souvenirs or not, the sights and sounds and feeling of riding a magnificent horse along a beautiful beach in gorgeous weather is a vacation experience you’ll always cherish.  Don’t miss your opportunity to create it!