Enjoy Sunsets at Barnacle Barney’s Tiki Bar & Grill

Enjoy Sunsets at Barnacle Barney’s

You’ve never seen such calm, blue water, and so much of it. It looks as though this place is set in a water world, some sort of primordial place where the water just receded and managed to leave behind this lush, tropical paradise. Such a phenomenal view could mesmerize any onlooker, and it’s easy to fall into that category. Then, it’s as if you’ve awakened—your dreamy trance slowly fades as the only cloud in the sky drags its shadow across the marina in front of you. Out of nowhere, the world restarts in a relaxed excitement and a carefree, energetic vibe of fun. Enjoyment fills the air. This ability to drift in and out of reality is a sign of one of two things, delirium or vacation. It’s the latter.

The Hammocks at Marathon™, a resort in the Florida Keys from Bluegreen Vacations, takes you away from the mainland’s realities and drops you off in a place you always knew existed. This place is Barnacle Barney’s, an open-air tiki bar overlooking the resort’s onsite marina and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s where you come for tropical frozen “umbrella” drinks, mouthwatering meals and munchies, and a view that will drop your jaw to the tiki bar floor. Once you pull up a stool and soak up the atmosphere, you’ll realize that all your dreams of an island vacation have come true.

Say Hello to BarneyThe bar itself features two TVs to keep you semi-connected to outside world, plus plenty of beer, wine, frozen cocktails, and a full menu including local favorites like mahi-mahi, grouper and conch chowder. If you happen to catch the big one on your fishing excursion during the day, the chef will prepare it for you that night. Or, choose a grilled specialty from the mainland like the Half-Pound Barney’s Burger.

But when the sun starts to set, ask the barkeep for a Sunset Celebration Punch and get ready to enjoy a sunset like you’ve never seen before. Or heard. Every night Barnacle Barney’s conducts a celebration as exciting as it is unique. As the sun approaches the watercolor horizon, Barnacle Barney’s servers instruct you to listen carefully because down here in Marathon, you can actually hear the sun hit the horizon. And suddenly, just as that ever-enlarging star seemingly touches the ocean’s waters, an enormous KAPOW! rings out over the entire island and out towards the sea. The sunset celebration has just started, and did it with a bang. It’s only fitting that each night, the sunset is matched with the appropriate cannon salute, a unique way to say goodbye to the sun and hello to another beautiful night in the Florida Keys.

Say Hello to BarneyDay after day, the calm blue water and tropical beauty native to The Hammocks at Marathon in the Florida Keys mesmerizes more and more visitors. And it’s only at Barnacle Barney’s that visitors can sit, relax and let the reality of an island vacation sink in. So when you make your decision to vacation at The Hammocks at Marathon, make sure you grab a stool at the waterfront bar and grill and say hello to Barney.

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Open-Air Tiki Bar
1688 Overseas Hwy
Marathon, FL