Duty-Free in Aruba

Aruba Duty-Free

The entertainment and shopping in downtown Aruba is bigger and better than ever. Oranjestad is now full of brand-new shops with all the best international brands, restored historic buildings, exciting shopping centers and incredible dining and entertainment. Anyone on vacation in the islands outside of the U.S. probably has one thing on their mind: duty-free shopping. Thousands of visitors and vacationers either stay on the island, or stop by for a visit, fresh off their cruise ship. Upon venturing into town, shopping by far is one of the most popular things to do in Aruba. What most don’t realize however, is that Aruba isn’t technically a duty-free port.

U.S. citizens are entitled to a $600 duty-free tax exemption upon returning home. In fact, families can pool their exemptions as well. For instance a family of four can bring back $2,400 worth of “duty-free” goods. Regardless of the technicalities, shopping in downtown Aruba is well worth the trip. Visitors to Oranjestad often flock to Caya Betico Croes, the original Main Street at the heart of the town. Out of all of Aruba’s attractions, duty-free shopping is one of the most popular. Where else can you explore decadent stores with prestigious goods marked down to a great value? Not only that, but the shopping experience is unique to Aruba with Dutch Caribbean façades located along Havenstraat just behind Main Street.

Colorful buildings in ArubaThere are also plenty of malls and marketplaces to discover during Bluegreen vacations to Aruba. Royal Plaza features some distinct Dutch Caribbean styling you won’t be able to miss. Here you’ll find jewelry, apparel, perfumes, cigars and various other souvenirs in shops with a beautiful harbor view. Renaissance Mall houses an exclusive group of international retailers specializing in similar high-end products, plus there’s a casino upstairs. Renaissance Marketplace is located along the boardwalk and focuses a bit more on eateries and entertainment. There are a handful of other places to experience the best of shopping in downtown Aruba.

Paseo Herencia will entertain you with liquid fireworks, Carnaval shows, live entertainment and more! A great place to spend the day with the family during your Bluegreen vacation is Palm Beach Plaza, the largest mall in the southern Caribbean. If you’re looking for things to do in Aruba with the family, this is it. If you haven’t gotten your fill of duty-free shopping, head to South Beach mall, The Village, or Arawak Garden for all the shopping, entertainment and food you can handle. As mentioned above, out of all the Aruba attractions, duty-free shopping will define your  vacation. Make sure to take advantage of your $600 duty-free tax exemption every time you visit!