Disney’s Star Wars: Jedi Training Academy

Disneys' Jedi Training Academy

Have you ever dreamed of learning the way of the Jedi, pledging the coveted oath of the warrior and battling evil with light sabers? Have you also had the unlucky realization that you have outgrown your ability to fulfill these dreams in public? If you are one of the many adults who have been forced to put aside your heart-felt wishes to put on a Jedi robe and confront Darth Vader, you can live vicariously through your child by introducing him or her to the power of The Force with Star Wars: Jedi Training at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®.

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Disney has brought the power of The Force to the stage with a live, action-packed show for little Padawans and their parents. Jedi Training students gather at the foot of a large stage set up as a Jedi-style bunker for their introduction to Jedi-dom. A Jedi Master gathers the eager pupils and presents them with a brown Jedi robe and training (toy) light saber. The new recruits are taught basic battle combinations, which coincidentally enough, contain plenty of poses for the proud parents to get shots of. The Jedi master instills Jedi knowledge, and bestows upon them wisdom-filled quotes from the movies.


Then, just when the students think all is safe, Storm Troopers charge the stage and tempt the young and impressionable warriors to join the dark side! As Darth Vader gives his persuasive argument for the Dark Side, each Jedi warrior-in-training is called to battle him. They will also encounter an evil new villain: the Seventh Sister Inquisitor.

Will the skilled teachings of the Jedi Master allow the novice Knights to force Vader off the stage, allowing good to prevail? There’s only one way to find out—train as a Jedi to defeat the Dark Side.

This show is targeted at children between the ages of 4 and 9. If you’re not sure whether your little Jedi will enjoy getting on stage and learning from the Jedi Master, have him or her watch the show from the audience first. If they show interest, come back for the next viewing—they happen a few times a day. Be sure to bring your camera!