Grab a Helmet and Check Out Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Bike Week

A Daytona Beach vacation hasn’t been the same since January 24, 1937, when Daytona Bike Week changed the way the world looked at a trip to the beach. This 10-day motorcycle event and rally includes a full lineup of festivities including motorcycle racing, concerts, street festivals and parties. It may sound like a simple week of sun, fun and bikes that are as loud as they are fast. But it’s not that simple. Over the years, this event, which takes place the first week of March, has garnered a serious reputation as the most coveted bike rally in the United States. And they have the parties and participants to prove it.

Bikes in Daytona Beach

Bikes in Daytona BeachOriginally called the Daytona 200, or the “Handlebar Derby,” this race took place on a 3.2-mile beach and road course and began only when the tides were down. Interestingly enough the Daytona 200 was put on a five-year hiatus due to World War II. For this reason, Daytona Bike Week certainly holds its own place in the history of Daytona Beach. Despite its hiatus until 1947, those not fighting in the war still showed up for Bike Week. Soon enough came the “restart” and another chapter of Bike Week.

Today the race is conducted at Daytona International Speedway. What started as a biker get-together has transformed into a massive event embraced by bikers, race fans and beach lovers alike. Now, approximately 500,000 people storm their way into Daytona Beach for this 10-day, not-so-typical Daytona beach vacation.