Ceviche in Orlando is Tops in Tapas

Ceviche in Orlando is Tops in Tapas

Good restaurants are as abundant in Orlando as family vacation attractions, so how do you choose? Let’s help by recommending a true standout. Of all the downtown Orlando restaurants, Ceviche is a must. This Spanish-style tapas restaurant and Flamenco bar stays true to the cultural tradition by serving appetizer-sized plates (tapas) and entertaining guests with live Spanish guitarists and Flamenco performers. Every visit to this lovely establishment promises great food, fantastic Spanish wine and excellent entertainment.

For many, food and Spain are synonymous. The country has a cultural palate to match its eclectic, energetic lifestyle. You won’t have to wait until 10 or 11 p.m. to enjoy a leisurely dinner at Ceviche—as you would in Spain—but your evening will still feel like a whirlwind trip to exotic Barcelona.

The moment you spy the historic building that houses Ceviche, the magic of Spain envelops you. Ceviche serves several varieties of its namesake, the citrussy seafood delight—salmon, oysters, tuna, or shellfish, each prepared in a different manner. Some are paired primarily with fresh Florida citrus, while others like Salmon cozy up to more exotic ingredients, like caviar. If you want to lean toward the wild side, jalapeno and cilantro give a zesty kick to the tuna ceviche.

Ceviche RestaurantBefore you dive in to the food, however, it’s always nice to unwind with a light and fruity sangria. But Ceviche also offers more than 100 Spanish and Portuguese wines. Fans of bubbles will note the tantalizing selection of cavas, white or pink sparkling wines from Catalonia, which are produced in the French Methode Champenois style.

If you’re unfamiliar with Spanish wines, now’s your time to try. What good is venturing out if you don’t venture out of your comfort zone? Try something Spanish! If you think all blush wines are sweet, think again and try Ernest Hemingway’s favorite, a Rosado. This complex Spanish wine surprises with its moderate to dry finish. The entire wine list is a pleasure to read, in fact, as it is composed like a European travelogue, full of rich historical and geographi details.

And while you’re trying new wine, try new foods: jamon serrano (dry-cured ham from the mountains of Spain), rich Manchego cheese, hummus, octopus, chorizo sausage, paella, and papas fritas (homemade potato chips served with Maytag blue cheese). If you want to try the meatier side of Spanish life, Ceviche offers some serious selections, from baby lamp chops and jumbo shrimp to short ribs and duck breast. Many dishes are crafted with products held dear in Spain, including sherry, almonds, garlic, and olives.

Ceviche RestaurantOf all Orlando restaurants to try during your vacation to Orlando,  this one may offer the most memorable entertainment, showcasing talented Spanish guitarists and live Flamenco shows. The stage is near the bar, so choose how close you want to be. An online calendar spells out the musical options.

Ceviche Restaurant
Orlando, FL