Bouchon Bistro and Bakery

Bouchon Bistro and Bakery

On your next Las Vegas vacation stay, pay a visit to Thomas Keller’s incredible French restaurant establishment, Bouchon, a bistro and bakery at The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino. As the creator of the award-winning restaurant French Laundry in Yountville, California, which inspired him to write a cookbook, Thomas Keller knows a thing or two about providing quality cuisine to guests. Beyond just the Vegas location of Bouchon, there are also restaurants in Yountville and Beverly Hills, California, and he is also the owner of the highly acclaimed Per Se in New York City.

The Bistro

Bouchon RestaurantAt his Las Vegas bistro, Keller serves his favorite classic French foods, and seeks inspiration from the restaurants he loves in France. In creating the Bouchon Restaurant, Keller wanted to take everything he appreciated about his other dining establishments like French Laundry, yet make the Bouchon Restaurant a more casual restaurant. The French people, culture and relaxed ways inspired Chef Keller. He adored how they shared their food with one another, sipped champagne, and dined in intimate and pleasant settings that were reminiscent of dining at home. And at the Bouchon Restaurant you can do just that; you too can transport yourself to a cozy bistro in France, right in the middle of all Vegas has to offer! The restaurant is approximately 10 minutes away from Bluegreen Club 36™.

Guests can dine on a seasonal menu that includes traditional favorites of cheeses, shellfish and meats. For the sophisticated palate, there is foie gras served with baguette, country style pâté with watercress, cornichons and radishes, or California Sterling White Sturgeon Caviar, which is served with toasted brioche and crème fraiche, amongst many choices. For those who long for the classics, start off with French onion soup, quiche, or marinated olives instead. The assorted Charcuterie, served with pickled vegetables, Dijon mustard and petite baguette is also favored by diners.

Croque MadameEntrees are rich and satisfying, such as the Poulet Rôti (roasted chicken), which is impeccably served with glazed celery root, Jura wine-poached apples, herb quenelles, chestnut confit and chicken jus. The steak frites are irresistible with caramelized shallots, maître d’hôtel butter and French fries. If you are looking for a succulent sandwich to go with your French fries instead, the Croque Madame features toasted ham and cheese on brioche, with fried egg and Mornay sauce. French desserts are the perfect way to end your decadent meal. Popular desserts at the Bouchon Restaurant include the Profiteroles, which are puff pastry, perfectly paired with vanilla ice cream, finished off with chocolate sauce. Chocolate lovers will not want to miss the Marquise au Chocolat, with dark chocolate mousse served with burnt orange cream.

The Bakery

Dessert and other treats can be enjoyed from the bakery as well, also located in the Venetian. You can have a taste of the same fresh breads they serve in the restaurant along with more inspirations from French cafes. There are a wide variety of pastries, muffins, tarts and chocolates. Cookies such as Macaroons are offered in many flavors like coffee, strawberry, lemon and vanilla, depending on the season. They come crisp on the outside, yet filled with soft sweet rich butter cream, just as they do in Paris. If you want something substantial, sandwiches, quiche, soups and salads round out the menu.

Don’t miss out on Thomas Keller’s  establishments. Bon appétit!

Photo Credit: Robert Olding