The Blue Man Group Las Vegas Show

The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group Las Vegas show is a truly unique experience, unlike anything else you will find along the Las Vegas Strip. Absent are the loud, over-the-top costumes that are usually fastened to the bodies of Las Vegas showgirls and showboys. In their places are three men, adorned in basic black utilitarian clothing and plastered from head to toe in bright blue paint. These men, who have no hair or ears, speak no words. This could lead you to think that the show would be a huge bore. Quite the opposite, the entertaining experience continues to win over crowds in droves and remains one of the most successful Las Vegas shows year after year.

The Blue Men weave comedy, zany science experiments and performance art into the show without the utterance of a single word. It’s all about body language, folks. Use of the eyes, facial expressions and the ever so slight gestures play to the audience, who respond accordingly. Upon entrance into the 1,760-seat custom-built seat theater, the fun ensues and you know you are in for a wild ride. You are given crepe paper and encouraged to decorate yourself with it. For the next 90 minutes, you begin to understand why the show is such a hit.

The Blue Man Group Las Vegas show

The show continues with drumbeats, wild spray paints on white paper, musical numbers, cool lighting effect, and entertaining craziness. An underlying theme of the Blue Man Group Vegas show is the presence of technology in our lives and its effect. The Blue men express the interconnection of the world through the use of huge projection screens and rolling digital signs.

During a 14-show week, Blue Man Group Las Vegas uses:

  • 2240 ponchos per week minimum
  • 35 pounds of Captain Crunch per week
  • 56 Twinkies per week
  • 5 bars of Toblerone candy
  • 87 1⁄2 gallons of Jello made per week
  • 78 gallons of mixed tempera paint
  • 490 marshmallows
  • 75 cakes of blue makeup
  • 42 bald caps
  • 80 custom painted drumsticks
  • 200 guitar strings
  • 60 drumheads

The Blue Man Group Las Vegas show

Blue Man Group’s show features a host of hilarious bits that will make you laugh until you cry. One highlight is a tutorial on how to sport the best rock moves at your next concert. If you are looking for a Las Vegas show that goes against the grain, the Blue Man Group extravaganza is your best bet! You won’t be disappointed.