Behind the Scenes of The Newest Epcot® Ride, Frozen Ever After®

Olaf Behind the Scenes of Frozen Ever After

Get ready for Frozen’s Queen Elsa and Princess Anna to melt your heart with a new Frozen Ever After® celebration and ride at Disney’s Epcot®. Join the festivities at the Norway pavilion on an adventure to the fairy-tale lands of Arendelle and Queen Elsa’s Ice Palace for a spectacular party featuring Olaf, Sven, and the mischievous Snowgies.

What’s the occasion? You’ve been invited to a Summer Snow Day extravaganza! Queen Elsa has embraced her powers to create a winter wonderland celebration in honor of the day that her sister, Princess Anna, saved her with a single unselfish act of true love.





Cool Off in The Royal Sommerhus

Walt Disney World® Imagineers have been busy crafting not just the mythical town of Arendelle, but Anna and Elsa’s childhood summer cabin, Royal Sommerhus, where you’ll meet the sisters as they relive cherished memories. No detail has been spared in creating the look and feel of a cabin nestled in the Scandanavian countryside.

Modeled after an actual historic cottage in Trondheim, Norway called the Detlistua, the authentic charm comes from great attention to every detail of traditional architecture and crafts from colorful displays of Rosemaling — decorative painting originated in the countryside of eastern Norway — to wood-carved handrails and shelves lined with time-worn books. Decorated with traditional folk art pieces from tapestries to grandfather clocks, you’ll truly feel transported to a warm Norsk home and hearth.

Get Cozy with Anna and Elsa

Next on your tour is a meet and greet with the Princess and Queen, so be sure to bring your camera! The beloved sisters welcome you to their home with a warm embrace in front of a picture-perfect setting featuring scenic Arendelle and the Ice Palace in the distance. Chat with Anna and Elsa and they’ll help you get caught up on news of your favorite Frozen characters.

Set Sail for Frozen Ever After

Olaf Behind the Scenes of Frozen Ever After


It’s time to set sail for the glistening winter in summer celebration! And your ride to the party? Viking longboats! Hop aboard and be transported through a sparkling nighttime world of North Mountain, all the way up to to Elsa’s Ice Palace. Float through Arendelle’s dark waters and caverns before emerging under a vast canopy of dangling blue ice crystals as the Frozen theme—and the excitement—begins. Olaf appears from the darkness, and through flawlessly smooth animatronics, effortlessly glides across ice as he sings “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” your first introduction to the music from the movie.

Discover the beautiful sights and sounds Queen Elsa has prepared for her guests, as giant snowflakes float through the skies along your boat’s pathway. Listen as trolls along the waterway explain that the sisters have invited you to help celebrate their newfound friendship. And you won’t want to miss the serenade under the stars as Anna and Kristoff sing “First Time in Forever!” It’s all a spectacular build up to the moment Frozen fans have been waiting for—the opportunity to “Let It Go,” with Elsa.

Let It Go

Artist's Rendition Behind the Scenes of Frozen Ever After


As you emerge into the icy blue caverns of the palace, you’ll find Elsa on her balcony, awaiting your arrival. With arms open to greet you, she begins her much-anticipated song and just as you reach the base of her balcony, she bursts into chorus. With a graceful swoop of her arms, Elsa’s magical powers sweeps your boat into a backwards journey, plunging through an ice crystal light show and flurry of snowflakes. The celebration then comes to a close, but not before you’re met with Marshmallow Snowmen masking the palace’s exit with a giant breath of wintry fog.

As you return to the docks of Arendelle to be sent on your merry way, you’re treated to a night sky filled with fireworks over North Mountain, and the cozy glow of the town overhead. It’s a heartwarming experience worth melting for.

Spoiler Alert: Behind The Scenes Facts!

Reindeer Behind the Scenes of Frozen Ever After


  • Frozen Ever After is a re-imagined Maelstrom, which closed on October 5, 2014 after serving over 25 years as the anchor ride at the Norway pavilion.
  • Imagineers traveled to Norway, specifically Trondheim, for inspiration.
  • The Royal Sommerhus was modeled after Detlistua, a historic building at the SverresBorg Trondelag Folk Museum in Norway.
  • The new ride uses a combination of physical sets, the latest innovations in audio-animatronics (AA), and projection.
  • Construction of the ride took twenty months, with the ride opening June 21, 2016.
  • The track is the same as the one used for Maelstrom, but has been extended 5 feet.
  • The Frozen Ever After ride time is approximately 5 minutes.
  • The ride features what has been called the smoothest and most flowing animatronics created to date.
  • Facial expressions of Anna and Elsa are done through projection, while the body and movement is animatronic.
  • Due to the ride’s capacity, expect longer wait times. Fastpass or early morning arrival is your best bet for the shortest wait time.

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