Attractions Along the Kissimmee Strip

US 192 Kissimmee FL

If you’re a child, segments of U.S. 192 in Kissimmee are your version of the Vegas Strip. Wide-eyed in the backseat, you see all the I-wanna-go-there attractions and kid-catering restaurants, one after another, seemingly without end.

But if you’re an adult traveling with only another adult, it doesn’t seem as if you have as many age-appropriate dining and entertainment options.

That isn’t to say there are no good bargain attractions along the Kissimmee Strip for grownups, also known as Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. It turns out that there are several, and the number swells if you count all the quality public golf courses. But let’s share golf ideas some other time. For now, let’s focus on a few others.

(Before we begin, this stipulation: Having kids with you isn’t a deal-breaker. Each attraction we’ll mention here welcomes children, at discounted admission. And while these attractions are perhaps aimed more generally at grownups, your kids will enjoy them. They just might not admit it at first. And it also might take some arm-twisting/negotiation/insistence to get them through the door, considering they’d rather to go to an amusement park or pizza place. Just saying.)

Here we go:

Capone’s Dinner and Show

Mobsters, molls, singing, comedy, prizes and an all-you-can-eat buffet—that’s an evening at Capone’s Dinner and Show. Rated one of the best dinner shows in Florida, this show is highly interactive. It features dance numbers and stand-up, and winds up with an entertaining “shootout.” You’ll need to know the secret speakeasy password to get in the door. If that doesn’t put you in the spirit right away, you’ll be encouraged to visit he gift shop before taking your seat to pick up an affordable boa or fedora and blend in with the cast members. The food is unlimited and, prohibition or not, the admission price covers unlimited alcohol, too.

Bringing kids? Buy tickets in advance or online for deep discounts. The walk-up admission price for children is less than for adults but still fairly steep.

Museum of Military History

What began in 2003 as a “Veterans Tribute” humbly conceived by a trio of local Vietnam vets has grown into a full-fledged Museum of Military History. The most modestly priced of the attractions we present, the museum’s exhibits include battlefield artifacts from U.S. and Allied forces as well as some recovered from the enemy side. Full-size armored trucks, miniature replica planes and a variety of weapons mark combats from World War II through Afghanistan. The not-for-profit museum, open since 2012, is dedicated to all veterans.

Bringing kids? Good for you!