Hi-Winds in Aruba

Aruba Hi Winds

It’s like a scene out of a movie. The Annual Aruba Hi-Winds Competition has lured adrenaline-soaked windsurfers to the windy waters of Oranjestad, Aruba since 1986. This windsurfing competition is one of the biggest windsurfing events in the Caribbean and features both freestyle windsurfing and kite boarding. For 26 years, the Hi-Winds Competition has continually exhilarated its audience with insanely exciting entertainment, fierce competition and about as much fun as humanly possible. In general, Aruba water sports are some of the best around. On your next vacation to La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, make sure to give windsurfing in Aruba a shot.Hi-Winds Windsurfing

Those looking for a little windsurfing competition, head to the famous “Fisherman’s Huts,” the best place to windsurf in Aruba. The Hi-Winds Competition is a prime example of a sport that combines the culture of surfing with the technical world of sailing. Since competitors use a windsurf-board and a sail, they are appropriately named “sailors” and not surfers. Those attending the competition, spectators included, should expect to engage in an incredible social atmosphere with as much or as little partying as you can handle. After all, this is all about fun in the sun in Aruba.

Windsurfing in ArubaFor the kite boarders, the south coast of the island is where it’s at. Boca Grandi hosts the kite-boarding event because of its ideal conditions. In case you’ve never heard of or seen kite boarding, it’s pretty simple, you’ve got a surfboard with foot straps and a performance kite to catch the wind you’ll need to get moving. Although both windsurfing and kite boarding make use of the wind, kite boarders typically engage in “controlled flying,” a way to literally take flight without losing control and being swept away by the winds. It’s about as exciting as it is scary, and it’s definitely not simple.

The Aruba Hi-Winds Competition committee is also working to include racing in the competition. This includes down-wind slalom and freestyle racing. In order to attract as many racers, kite boarders and windsurfers from around the world, the organization offers incredible deals on accommodations and registration fees. If competing isn’t in your future, it’s still one of the coolest attractions in Aruba and is worth a trip to watch in awe as competitors risk life and limb out on the crystal-clear waters of paradise.Windsurfing in Aruba

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