Explore the Arizona Science Center

AZ Science Center

If you’re taking children with you to Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria, Arizona, you should really check out the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix. This place isn’t one of those small, poorly-furnished buildings that has a few static electricity balls and hanging skeletons. It is a masterpiece that is cool enough for the whole family to enjoy. And we mean really enjoy.

The museum provides over 300 hands-on exhibits and demonstrations on four floors to explore. The first floor offers the IMAX Theater and Dorrance Planetarium. These two attractions alone justify the visit to the museum. The planetarium is one of five in the world to have NanoSeam dome technology. This state-of-the-art technology allows visitors to become fully immersed in the imagery of a galaxy; transported through the membranes and plasmas of cells, the depths of Earth, and space and time. Show times to the different exhibits vary, so check online or call ahead of time if there is a specific adventure you want to take.

And five-story IMAX theaters are always cool ways to watch anything. While the Science Center is currently playing The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D, a tour through one of the world’s most beautiful beaches with pro surfer Kelly Slater, and The Human Body, an in depth look at the inner workings of our bodies, they will change as the Center gets new films. So, like the Planetarium exhibitions, call or look online to see what’s going on with the IMAX shows. We guarantee you, it will be good either way.

Another cool exhibit within the Arizona Science Center is the W.O.N.D.E.R. Center (The Walton Optimal Neurological Discovery Education & Research Center), a place to explore the original super computer, see how the human brain works and watch actual brain surgeries. Neat, huh?

There is also the Evans Family Sky Cycle, a high wire that offers lessons in the principles of counterbalance and gravity. The Forces of Nature exhibits are cool too, and include an Immersion theater, super-speed representation of weather patterns and Lava Lab.

There’s even a 15-foot climbing wall, which, needless to say, is fun for anyone that knows what fun is. Two climbing courses are offered, which will show you how to harness, keep your balance and climb.

There is much more to do in the Arizona Science Center than what we have here, but we guess you want some of it to be a surprise. The Arizona Science Center is about 45 minutes away from Cibola Vista. It is well worth the visit.