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Sedona Arizona Jewelry

There’s nothing quite like a Southwestern landscape, as its diverse landscapes and formations create stunning hues, magnificent views and exhilarating experiences. The Copper State inspires all who visit her deserts, valleys and canyons and calls many artisans to make her spaces their homes. You will see this inspiration in the Arizona Jewelry created here, from the ancient Native American pieces to the modern adornments created by local artists. Use this guide to make your way through the stunning Arizona jewelry found in Sedona shops.

The Best Of Sedona, Arizona Jewelry

Tlaquepaque Jewelry

If you want to find the perfect pieces to match your incredible journey through Arizona, look no further than Tlaquepaque. Situated inside the bold and beautiful city of Sedona, about an hour north of Cibola Vista Resort & Spa, Tlaquepaque is a walled-in artists’ village.

Tlaquepaque Arizona

Shaded by old sycamores and flecked with fountains, the area invites residents and visitors alike to take part in the celebration of all things authentic to Arizona. The Arizona jewelry found within shops such as Mountain Trails Galleries and Lanning Gallery displays unique styles found only in the Southwest, and is often composed of precious metals and stones found within the arid lands of Arizona. From gold-lain pearls at Gold Door Gallery to aquamarine and amethyst pendants at Red Canyon Collections and Native American turquoise and coral bracelets at Ninibah, you’re sure to find pieces that are not only stunning, but truly unique.

Oak Creek Jewelry

Of course, your trip to Sedona will expand outside the warm walls of Tlaquepaque. Head south to find the small village of Oak Creek. Each month, the town holds arts and crafts fair at the Bell Rock Plaza. Little white tent tops shade the creations of local artisans, including some extraordinary Arizona jewelry makers. You will find the deepest shades of turquoise set in traditional silver designs along with contemporary pieces that are sure to pique your interest.

Sedona City Limits Jewelry
Sedona Arizona City Limits

Within the main streets of Sedona you will discover an abundance of Arizona jewelry stores as well, including the Blue-Eyed Bear, Native Spirit and The Naja, all of which sell handmade Arizona jewelry by Native Americans.

And a little north of the city, on HWY 89A at the base of Oak Creek Canyon, you’ll find a small group of roadside vendors selling handcrafted Native American, mostly Navajo, Arizona jewelry. If you take the time to stop, you’ll not only find beautiful pieces, with vibrant stones and metals, you’ll find the story of the family behind them. Those who are selling in these stands come from a long line of artisans, as well as story tellers. So if you’ve got the time, ask about the Arizona jewelry maker, the process and where the jewelry comes from. You’ll find out more from these proud presenters than you will from others, as the history of the craft coincides with the family’s past.

Sedona Arizona City Limits

As Sedona is a city with beauty at every turn, it is also a city of history and unique culture. Find your favorite piece of Arizona jewelry that represents what you see in Sedona.

For directions from Cibola Vista Resort & Spa to Sedona, speak with a Concierge when you arrive for your vacation. The staff will be happy to provide directions, as well as additional suggestions for your day drive to Sedona.