Arizona Hot Air Balloon Rides

Arizona Hot Air Balloon

Lift off and soar high above the Sonoran desert as you take in breathtaking views on a hot air balloon ride during your next vacation in Arizona. Drift effortlessly in the arms of Mother Nature as you traverse the stunning Valley of the Sun. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, this area of the Southwest is famous for its spectacular sunsets. It’s the perfect backdrop for a memorable hot air balloon ride.

For those looking to raise vacation experiences to new heights during a getaway to Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, a hot air balloon ride may be just the ticket. Your adventure will begin upon arrival at the launch site. Make sure that you pay attention to your “pre-flight briefing.” You will learn all about the practice of hot-air ballooning and interesting facts that will make your flight thoroughly enjoyable. Watch as the balloon inflates and you will soon be magically lifted off the ground and on your way.

How far you travel is determined by wind speed and how high you fly. Some flights can reach over a mile high, measuring upwards in elevation of 9,000 feet above sea level. At this altitude, you are able to take in unique views of the desert landscape. High above the clouds, you will have a prime view of jackrabbits, quails, and coyotes roaming the vast expanse of the Southwest. The Sonoran Desert covers about a 100,000 square mile radius over the Southern half of Arizona.

Back on the ground, you can even enjoy a scrumptious meal provided for you as part of your package. Long pants and sturdy comfortable shoes are recommended for your hot air balloon ride. Make sure to bring a hat to prevent sunburn too!

Basic flight packages start around $175.00 per person. Weather is ideal year-round, making competition for your business fierce. Many hot air balloon companies offer the lowest prices available in the nation. With the sun gleaming as you ascend into the sky, a hot air balloon ride is the perfect experience to share with that special someone or the entire family during a vacation. The vast desert landscape coupled with the comfy Arizona weather will make this an experience you’ll cherish forever!

Arizona Hot Air Balloon Rides

Arizona Hot Air Balloons

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