Amazing Acrobats of China in Branson

Acrobats of China Performing in Branson

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages—straight from the Ozark Mountains by way of the Orient, it’s the Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus. The amazing art of acrobatics dates more than 2,000 years to the Han Dynasty. The acrobats, jugglers and magicians of the time first began entertaining curious onlooker at fall harvest celebrations. According to history books, Chinese farmers looking to keep occupied during the long winter months began practicing the art form. Throughout the long cold months they practiced with everyday household items and farm tools.

The New Shanghai Circus takes Branson, Missouri, entertainment options to new heights—literally. More than 40 talented performers waiting to astound you with physical performance art that’s been an honored tradition since 700 B.C. Get ready for an astonishing show that includes one of the oldest forms of acrobatics—group contortion. Witness amazing feats of flexibility and strength as five elegant ladies twist their bodies into human sculptures. One of the most difficult feats of Chinese acrobatics is the nose balance – and you’ll see it firsthand. This incredible stunt requires the performer to balance 20 crystal wine glasses filled with water and topped with 13 flaming candles on her nose. As an added degree of difficulty, she does it while crossing a bridge made of 20 burning light bulbs.

If you had an expensive porcelain jar, what would you do with it? If you said juggle, you’ll appreciate the mastery required in spinning 15- and 35-pound jars on fingertips and maneuvering them gracefully from head to foot. You won’t believe your eyes! For more spinning excitement, check out the deceptively simple act of plate spinning. Shimmering plates will dance atop bamboo poles while the acrobats dance, stand on their heads and turn somersaults.

The Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus has received numerous awards including the first Chinese Acrobat Troupe to appear on Broadway. In fact, their act helped them achieve the First Ever Total Sold-Out Performance on Broadway in 1999.

Acrobats of ChinaThe acrobats are waiting to entertain you with elegant aerial ballet, lion dancing, hoop diving, handstands, bicycle tricks, chair stacking, bench balancing and much more. Experience the creativity on your next Branson vacation.

As the acrobats say: “Quing da jia lai kan wo men!” Translation: “Y’all come see us!”

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