7 Must Try Latin Restaurants in Miami

7 Must Try Latin Restaurants in Miami

There’s a good reason why Miami is called the Gateway to the Americas. The city is extremely diverse. It’s not shocking if a vendor speaks to you in Spanish or you receive a kiss on the cheek as a hello. Often, heritage is used as an excuse for being late. It’s a Latin thing. It’s no surprise that the Miami Latin food scene is growing larger than the Latin population. Consider these restaurants for an authentic Latin taste when you visit the 305.

Top Latin Restaurants in Miami

  1. El Pollo Inka Miami | Peruvian
  2. If you’re on your way to Miami International Airport and you want to get one more taste of authentic Peruvian food before you go, stop by El Pollo Inka. The location is a bit hidden in a strip mall and parking can be tough, but it is well worth it. Everything is made fresh and served in large portions. Start your meal off with Inca Kola for a refreshing Latin soda. You can’t go wrong with the ceviche. El Pollo Inka’s award-winning ceviche tastes extremely fresh and it is covered in lime juice, just as a traditional ceviche would be. Finish your meal off with Suspiro, dulce de leche topped with whip cream, for an unforgettable meal.

  3. El Mago de las Fritas | Cuban
  4. If you’re leaving Marlins Park, and you worked up an appetite from cheering for the Fish, treat your taste buds to fritas! Fritas are a Cuban interpretation of a hamburger. “El Mago”, or the Wizard, loads his fritas with cooked and raw onion and his famous Potato Heavenly Wisps. When you stop by, it’s very likely that you will see “El Mago” himself behind the grill. He will most likely suggest that you order el caballo, a frita with all the regular toppings, and featuring a fried egg and cheese on top. Complement your meal with a papaya batido and complete your visit with Mago’s flan.

  5. La Moon Restaurant | Colombian
  6. La Moon Restaurant  Colombian RestaurantWhen a restaurant is featured on Man v. Food, you know you must try it. The menu at this Colombian restaurant offers a wide range of entrees, but most people come here to take on the Supermoon Perro. For only $6, you get a foot-long hot dog topped with smoked sausage, bacon, cheese, crushed potato chips, five different sauces and a quail egg. This dog is not for the faint of heart. It is known that if you visit La Moon, you’re not coming to eat healthy. Among locals La Moon is known as the best restaurant for a late night bite. It is open until 6 a.m. to cater to the Miami nightlife scene. But the food tastes just as great at any other time of the day.

  7. La Patagonia Argentina | Argentinean
  8. Argentineans perfected the art of seasoning and grilling steaks. When the opportunity to try Argentinean steak presents itself, you don’t want to pass it up. La Patagonia is located in Flagami in an easy to miss building. Parking is tough and the owners are aware. They will happily park your car for you for free. That means less worries for you. Since you made it this far you should enjoy a big ole skirt steak. The steak comes well-charred and cooked to the right temperature. Restaurant goers will be happy to know that at this time there is a deal: 50% off your total on Monday-Friday for dinner only and 50% off your total all day Saturday and Sunday. A great meal for a great deal!

  9. Tacos and Tattoos | Mexican
  10. Tuesday through Sunday, Tacos and Tattoos is serving up some of the most delicious Mexican dishes in all of Miami. The restaurant is hard to find because there is no sign, which is just how the owner likes it. Once you walk in, restaurant employees are quick to seat you and get you started. Begin with the Cali Love Fries. These fries are covered in gooey cheese and tasty churrasco. They’re sure to leave you satisfied. Next, go for the chicken burrito. The burrito is loaded with patacon and chorizo rice. If you snap a picture of your food, post it on social media and tag @TacosTattoos, you will receive a free fried Oreo for dessert. You will not leave hungry at this yummy Mexican restaurant.

  11. El Novillo Restaurant | Nicaraguan
  12. If an important part of your dining experience is the ambiance, El Novillo is the restaurant for you. Upon arriving, your attention will immediately be drawn to the fountain in the middle of the restaurant. Guests are entertained with live music each night to set the mood. A must try on the menu is the churrasco. The tender meat comes well-seasoned and is accompanied with a plethora of sides. And all the sides are UNLIMITED! Servers are attentive and come by often to refill your plate with gallo pinto, mariquitas and maduros. El Novillo definitely knows the key to making a dining experience memorable.

  13. ArepasDoggi’s Venezuelan Cuisine | Venezuelan
  14. A small space with big taste! Doggi’s is hit among locals. To be sure that you enjoy your dining experience here, plan to avoid rush hours. Each table comfortably seats four, so if you are visiting with a larger party be sure to call ahead. Everyone at this restaurant is very welcoming and accommodating. If you check-in on Yelp, you can redeem an offer for free churros and a $5 coupon! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Guests are encouraged to start their meal with their passion fruit juice. For the entrée, try the Santa Barbara arepa. The arepa is wonderfully cooked with marinated churrasco, tomato, avocado and white cheese. When you take your first bite, you won’t ever look at an arepa the same way.

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