7 Great Places to Visit in Miami

7 Great Places to Visit in Miami

Professional football player Ndamukong Suh is in like a dolphin and out like a lion. In other words, the defensive tackle is leaving Detroit and heading to Miami. You can, too—no matter where you’re from! This vibrant city surrounded by art deco design offers numerous activities to enjoy with every member of the family.

  1. Sun Life Stadium
  2. If you plan to visit Miami during football season, you can catch a game at Sun Life Stadium and see the Miami Dolphins’ latest acquisition in action. His propensity for fierce play and tenacious defense strike fear in opponents—but you’ll be in the stands. So cheer or jeer at will. It’s all part of the game.

    And now some ideas for everyone else:

  3. South Beach
  4. No visit to Miami is complete without spending some time in South Beach. The open, friendly atmosphere of this trendy city invites and encourages people from all walks of life to be themselves—so be yourself! People watching is a popular activity during the day in South Beach, and when night falls, it’s all about the dining and incredible nightlife. You will also want to spend some time in Coconut Grove, an area famous for boutique shops, sidewalk cafés and lush, tropical beauty.

  5. Zoo Miami
  6. Zoo Miami's  Samburu Giraffe Feeding StationAnimals at this impressive zoo are free-range. That means they are not confined to cages, and roam the grounds of their habitats based on geography. Zoo Miami features magnificent creatures from Africa, South America, Asia, Australia and many more destinations to offer a unique variety of animals. Among the zoo’s most popular attractions is the Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station. Here, guests can walk up a ramp and come face to face while feeding these full-time residents standing 16 to 20 feet tall.

    For an interesting experience, take a prehistoric journey throughout Zoo Miami with Dinosaur Live! This lifelike attraction features members of the Jurassic period like the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex and the winged Quetzalocoatlus. Explorers traversing this land that time forgot will also encounter a nest of newly hatched dinos. Be sure to bring a camera to ensure your memories of the day never go extinct.

  7. Everglades
  8. If you want to experience the other exotic side of Florida, plan a day trip to the Everglades. It’s the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States with a truly breathtaking landscape teeming with rare, endangered and every other kind of reptile, amphibian, animal, bird and fish imaginable. Of course, there are notable species to look for when you visit Miami and the Everglades. Catch a glimpse of the elusive Florida panther. Marvel at the endangered manatee or test your mettle (at a safe distance) with the American crocodile. The international jewel is a World Heritage site, International Biosphere and Wetland of International Importance. It’s also one of the top gardens in Miami.

  9. Miami Children’s MuseumMiami Children’s Museum
  10. Imaginations are encouraged to run wild when kids visit the Miami Children’s Museum. Hands-on displays promote creativity, self-expression and the freedom to explore. The museum is proud to feature 14 permanent exhibits the whole family can enjoy together including the Castle of Dreams, a two-story sandcastle made up of grains of sand from all over the world. Discover the value of money at the Bank. This six-foot piggy bank gives kids an opportunity to design money they can earn, save or spend. At the Port of Miami children will learn the business of importing and exporting products along with an opportunity to operate a gantry crane. The museum also opens its doors to traveling exhibits, so be sure to visit often to see what’s new and exciting.

  11. Miami Seaquarium
  12. Miami’s tropical climate makes it the perfect location to enjoy marine shows year-round in the great outdoors. Miami Seaquarium provides shows that are both educational and entertaining. Every visit should include the trained dolphin and killer whale shows as well as one feeding and trainer event. Other must-see exhibits include turtles, sea lions, seals and the show-stopping Florida manatee. Show times change frequently so be sure to check the Miami Seaquarium website for the most up-to-date information.

  13. Monkey Jungle
  14. Monkey JungleHang out with more than 400 primates roaming freely on 30 acres of Florida reserve when you visit Miami. Monkey Jungle is a protected habitat “Where Humans Are Caged and Monkeys Run Wild!” A group of more than 80 Java monkeys greet guests then go on a scavenger hunt for natural food located on the property. These showoffs are expert divers and willing plunge into the riverbanks and mangrove swamps in search of crabs and shellfish. Monkey Jungle has scheduled feedings to ensure guests and monkeys all get their fill.

    Education is a big part of the Monkey Jungle experience. As such, audiences are introduced to the unique lifestyles of orangutans. These apes are never predictable and are known for giving unforgettable, impromptu performances. More than 30 species of primates call Monkey Jungle home, including gibbons, guenons and spider monkeys.

Photo Credit: theobine, Smart Destinations and Bjorn Watland (license)