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Bluegreen Communities

Welcome to Bluegreen Communities, a meeting place for Bluegreen Vacation Club owners and vacation enthusiasts who want to learn, discuss and share their experiences. The Bluegreen Community consists of a diverse group of vacation enthusiasts who enjoy sharing ideas, knowledge and insight into the world of Bluegreen ownership. Join the conversation and become one of the many who follow, like, hangout with and watch Bluegreen Vacations.

Dependent upon your online style, Bluegreen has a place, or two, for you:

Bluegreen on Facebook

A large part of the Bluegreen Community is on Facebook. From fellow owners, to associates, potential buyers and vacation enthusiasts, Bluegreen Vacations provides a never-ending stream of information, photos, reviews, conversations and vacation ideas. Visit our Facebook community and take part in resort trivia, owner discussions and photo sharing.

Bluegreen on Twitter

When you join the conversation on Twitter, you introduce yourself to nearly 10,000 owners and enthusiasts who love real-time information and entertainment. Bluegreen Tweets provides up-to-the-minute news on resort activities, specials and offers; intros into the newest articles on; and travel advice and ideas from the web. This Bluegreen Community tweets often, so follow and fly by every now and then for some timely conversation.

Bluegreen on Youtube

Ever just want to see what you have to look forward to? A collection of resort, destination and experience videos can help you discover and plan your next Bluegreen Vacation when you visit Bluegreen Resorts on Youtube. Our online library showcases original video content depicting the serene setting of the Shenandoah Valley, the wild excitement of Orlando, the impeccable dining in New Orleans and whatever else you may be interested in. If you want to take a peek at your vacation possibilities, join the Bluegreen Community on Youtube.

Bluegreen on Google+

The newest Bluegreen community on the block is Bluegreen Vacations on Google+. Thanks to the many capabilities of G+, we are able to show you even more photos, videos and articles pertaining to Bluegreen Vacation Club ownership, our resorts and the many destinations we offer. Hangout with us on Google+ and enjoy personalized posts on information, resorts and destinations you are most interested in.


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