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Redlands in Miami – A Perfect Day Trip

Because Miami is iconic for its oceanfront high-rises, bikini-clad models, and cosmopolitan lifestyle, visitors unfamiliar with the area are often surprised, delightfully may we add, by the lush, outdoor agricultural area known as Redland Tropical Trail. Nestled between Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park, the historic Redland area offers the perfect self-guided tour for foodies, farmers, history buffs and more while on a Bluegreen Vacation.

The historic Redland area offers the perfect tour for foodies, farmers and more.

Early South Florida pioneers saw opportunity in the balmy winters and generally perfect growing conditions. The vast farms were soon producing bushels of tropical delectables - kiwis, lychees, key limes, avocados, mangoes and more. As the farms flourished and grew, the growers and producers banded together to showcase their area via a self-guided trail they dubbed The Redland Tropical Trail.

Tropical Dessert

The Redlands Miami area offers food-centric day-trippers the chance for a mouth-watering excursion.  The most famous might well be the large, slightly strangely-named fruit stand called Robert is Here, which also serves delicious milkshakes. The tropical trail takes adventuresome explorers to Miami’s Fruit and Spice Park, two berry farms, and even a winery. This is your chance to see and taste the freshest and most unique tropical fruits you’ve perhaps only seen on menus and in cookbooks. Gaby’s Farm brings home this point by offering mind-blowing seasonal ice cream.  Depending on when you visit, you might get to taste passionfruit, eggfruit, creamy black sapote, guanabana, cashew apple, jackfruit, guava or mamey ice cream.

The Redlands is not all about food: along the tropical trail you’ll also get to visit a breathtaking orchid garden, historic properties and a few museums. Several quirky South Florida attractions can also be found throughout the Redlands Miami area - far more than one day will allow for visiting them all – so do a little research before you depart if you’re the type who likes to have a plan. Driving the trail spontaneously will also be great fun for those who like surprises, for there are many, from the famed Coral Castle to Everglades Alligator Farm and Monkey Jungle. These stops are hardly your typical “things to do in Miami!”


Your Miami accommodations at Solara Surfside will net you time on the beach, and certainly offer the chance for fabulous shopping, late-night clubbing, boating, or checking out South Beach’s famed Art Deco hotels. But for a Bluegreen Vacation diversion that’s really different (and delicious), point the car towards The Redlands, and enjoy! 

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