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Take Your Vacation to the Central Park Zoo

If the people, streets and constant flow of lights aren’t wild enough for you during your vacation to New York City, fulfill your needs for fur, scales and wings at the Central Park Zoo. Situated in the midst of the city, behind the trails of the world’s most famous park, the Central Park Zoo is home to over 150 species of animals. From big cats to monkeys, bears and birds, this zoo offers a glimpse into the lives of the wild side, and offers information and exhibits about different species, natural habitats and conservation.

About Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo takes up a five-acre plot of land in Central Park, NYC. While that may seem small, its grounds are beautiful and full of impressive animals to view during Bluegreen vacations to The Manhattan Club. This zoo can either be an hour-long tour, if the vacation party consists of older children and adults, or a longer, more educational and interactive zoo experience, if there are younger children involved.  The pathways are clean and stroller-accessible, and Tisch Children’s Zoo houses barnyard animals such as alpacas, sheep, ducks and pot-bellied pigs – all of which are adorable.

Central Park Zoo Penguins

Little ones can search for ducks – pintails, shelducks, and teals – from a hidden area by the duck pond. Then make sure you get your camera ready because there are giant-sized turtle shells, lily pads, spider webs and rabbit ears for the kids to try on and climb onto. And then, of course, like any good kid zone in a zoo, there is a feed the animals section.

Other Exhibits In Central Park Zoo

Other exhibits, for both adults and children to enjoy, include the Sea Lion Pool, where visitors can watch entertaining feeding sessions as the three sea lions show off their acrobatic skills.  The polar bears will warm your heart, and if it’s near Christmas, you may be able to catch them opening their presents. There is a Snow Leopard exhibit that emulates the rugged evergreen habitat, including a rocky waterfall, that typically is the big cat’s home. A Temperate Territory is home to snow monkeys (Japanese macaques) and red pandas. And a Tropic Zone is a recreated rainforest that allows guests to walk through and discover the tortoises, lemurs, a rather large Tamandua (Brazilian lesser anteater) and birds that call this ecosystem their home.

Central Park Zoo Animal

At $10 a head, Central Park Zoo is quite a deal. In fact, it may be one of the least expensive attractions you come across during your Bluegreen vacation to the City. The zoo is open year round, so as long as the weather is acceptable for you, venture over and see some real jungle animals.

Visiting the Central Park Zoo can be a true treat during your vacation. It not only offers a break from the shopping, eating and giant-building seeing, it offers a beautiful place to enjoy the company of your Bluegreen vacation crew.

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