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Wakoola Springs at The Fountains

At Bluegreen, we dream in color—we provide Colorful Places to Play and plenty of opportunities for family fun at each of our resorts. Our vision of an imagined native world starts and ends with color. The legend of Wakoola Springs says that when the seas retreated and land emerged from the ocean, a beautiful lagoon appeared, surrounded by lush gardens and natural waterspouts. When the Ancient Ones came upon the lagoon, they proclaimed it wakoola, or "the great spring."

The Great Ones certainly started something. They soon found that Wakoola Springs had magical, colorful waters. At the bottom of many of the springs and fountains, beautiful gemstones could be found—in all the colors of the rainbow. The Ancient Ones settled near the springs and began to harvest the colorful gems.

Bluegreen’s Wakoola Springs in Orlando
Wakoola Springs was ruled by King Opal with the help of his daughter, Princess Eve. The king and his people began building a great kingdom. They built bridges, fountains and gardens around the springs and bubbling thermal pools. It was a peaceful and prosperous time.

But not long after, a danger emerged that would threaten the peace. Princess Eve discovered the plot of a neighboring tribe to steal all the gems. They knew if the neighboring tribe discovered that the gems were in the springs, there would be war and the springs would be destroyed. She convinced her father that they should hide the gems and lead the intruders away from the springs until it was safe to come back. The king agreed and the Ancient Ones began to hide their gems in the waters and land around Wakoola Springs. They dropped a trail of gems as they moved away from the springs, to lead the enemy tribe away and protect Wakoola Springs from invasion.

Bluegreen’s Wakoola Springs in Orlando
Though the Ancient Ones never returned to Wakoola Springs, the kingdom they built remains. Today, guests of Bluegreen's The Fountains can experience the magic and mystery of Wakoola Springs. They can play in the crystal-clear water of the springs, or walk along the shores of Lake Eve and Lake Opal. At night, they can see the crystal waters of the springs glow with color from the beautiful gemstones.

The sprawling pool area includes two twisting water slides, zero-entry pool, interactive water fountains, two bubbly hot tubs, two bridges, two fire circles for campfires, a walking trail and the new Lake Opal, named for the Ancient One's wise old king. A true destination of its own, for Bluegreen owners to enjoy.

The pool area features many convenient and comfy amenities. Private cabanas are available for rent, providing shade and privacy, as well as luxurious comfort. Beverage kiosks are scattered throughout the pool area for quick and easy refreshment when the need arises.

The legend of Wakoola Springs can be further experienced through the signs around the pool. Each area within Bluegreen's Wakoola Springs is named after the Ancient Ones and the lives they lived by the great spring. Each sign tells a little bit of the story, or a little about the life of our revered Ancient Ones.

Bluegreen's Wakoola Springs in Orlando
The slides in Bluegreen's Wakoola Springs are called Rubyfire Rapids, named because when the Ancient Ones arrived here, the first thing they discovered was a fiery, red ruby in the wild and turbulent waters near that spot.

The walking trail is named Moonstone Trail—so named because the Ancient Ones forged the trail and lined it with magical stones that appeared to glow in the moonlight. The moonstones lit their way when they walked home along the trail at night.

The zero-entry pool is called Blue Pearl Basin. It is named after the rare and treasured blue pearl which was once found there. It is said that the Ancient Ones used the pool to rinse and polish the rare gems.

The pools, hot tubs, fire circles, bridges—even the playground areas—are named according to the legend of the Ancient Ones and each area allows guests at Bluegreen's The Fountains to learn about their interesting and exciting lives.

Fire was a big part of daily life for the Ancient Ones. They cooked all their food over open flames, so this is exactly the dining experience at the Wakoola Grill. Located right in the Bluegreen's Wakoola
Bluegreen's Wakoola Springs in Orlando
Springs pool area, the Wakoola Grill serves up satisfying fare "cooked with fire." They also have an impressive signature drink menu, complete with blended drinks and smoothies.

At over 75,000 square feet, Bluegreen's Wakoola Springs is impressive, in both size and scope. With enough water-park amenities to keep the kids occupied, and plenty of drinks and comfy lounge chairs to please the adults, Orlando visitors may just decide to get their splash on at the resort instead of making the trek to another water park. This is one big pool delivering big fun for all who visit. A recent Wakoola guest, 5-year-old Amanda, agrees: "It's very big…enough for 100 million people!"

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