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Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree: A Bluegreen Timeshares Holiday Exclusive

In an effort to help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season, Bluegreen Timeshares decided to put together a Christmas tree shopping guide filled with purchase pointers, interesting facts, and money-saving advice. Read on to learn how you can find a beautiful Christmas tree that fits your budget, matches your aesthetic sensibilities, and most importantly, remains fragrant and green through the end of the year.

When you head out to choose a Christmas tree, keep in mind that many profit-driven sellers opt to harvest their evergreens before Thanksgiving. A tree cut from its root system loses moisture quickly, and needles subsequently dry out at an increasing pace as time passes. To avoid bringing home a less-than-fresh tree, never hesitate to ask when the tree was cut and where it was grown. If possible, aim to purchase a tree from a local source, ideally a farm situated in close proximity to your city or town. Buying locally makes good economic and environmental sense, and with so many options, a little research is all it takes to find an affordable, high quality tree.

Common Christmas tree varietals include the Douglas fir, the Canadian balsam, the Noble fir, and the Fraser fir. Tom Foley, the proprietor of a popular Christmas tree lot in Brooklyn, New York, recommends that shoppers seek out a Fraser fir if possible. He prefers Frasers for a number of reasons, namely because the varietal boasts approximately 30 branches and gives off an especially piney scent. When it comes to characteristics like size and lushness, however, other experts suggest the Noble fir, despite the fact that Nobles tend to carry higher price tags due to shipping costs. Shoppers who value longevity over other attributes should zero in on the Nova Scotia variety of Canadian balsam, and although Douglas firs tend to decline at a faster rate, these trees provide an ideal backdrop for ornaments with a modern, minimalist look.

No matter what kind of Christmas tree you prefer, make sure to test branches for freshness by gently running your hand across the needles in a sweeping motion. Needles should feel strong, springy, and stay intact even when twisted lightly. Likewise, branches should display tenacity when bent, so keep an eye out for stale branches that appear dried out and brittle. Additionally, you can gauge a tree’s health by weight. Without enough internal moisture to impart weight, trees that seem light in comparison to their size are not a smart purchase.

Bluegreen Resorts wishes you the best of luck in your search for the perfect Christmas tree!

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